Be Thankful! (Gratitude Journal)

In life, it’s so easy to focus on what we don’t have, that we often forget to think of the things that we are blessed with. We forget how important the people we have are, how amazing and rich our life really is, and how much worse things could be.

how keeping a gratitude journal has changed myperspective

My grandmother always told me, “No matter how bad you have it, someone has it worse.”

When we start focusing on the negatives instead of the positives, our entire perspective changes. Suddenly, it becomes very difficult to even find the positives in our lives. The same goes in the other direction though, when we focus on the positives instead of the negatives, everything suddenly seems brighter, and even the negatives don’t seem so bad.

A few months ago, I realized just how negative I had been. In fact, I noticed that it was even rubbing off on my children! That’s not the behaviour or mindset I wanted them to learn from me. So I made a conscious decision to change it.

I started keeping a list, which I add to daily, of all of the good things in my life. Whether it be something good that happened, a person whose been on my mind, something we did as a family, a trait I admire in my children- whatever is making me feel the most grateful at that moment. I write it down.

gratitude journal

Eventually, I bought this cute little notebook, but prior I had a log page in my bullet journal.

Since starting, I have found myself actually being happier and more content with the things I have! And when I’m having a particularly bad day (you know, where all you want to do is curl up on the couch and watch Netflix with an entire chocolate cake..), I make myself go back and read through them!

Next step: Implement gratitude journals with my children!

Do you keep a gratitude journal?

Inexpensive Date Night Ideas for those No Longer “Dating”


Maybe you’ve been together for fifty years, maybe you’re newlyweds, maybe you’re newlyweds who feel like you’ve been together for fifty years. It doesn’t matter!

I believe in the importance of dating, even after you’re no longer dating. It’s less about what you do on your dates, and more important that you actually take the time out of your busy schedule to just be with one another. But, we all get low on ideas sometimes, and you can only binge watch Netflix and label it a date night so many times!

So here’s some of my favourites, and hopefully some new ones that you’ve never thought of before!

#1- Go skating. Skating is generally quite inexpensive, it’s always fun, and it counts s your daily workout too (bonus!).
#2- Play board/card games. Crazy eight count down is a personal favourite. But whatever you choose, get competitive!
#3- Be tourists in your own town. I can almost guarantee that there are some hidden gems out there, right under your nose, that you’ve never actually taken the time to properly enjoy!
#4- Go out for dessert. Much less expensive (and much tastier) than going out to dinner!
#5- To broke to go for dessert? How about going for coffee!
#6- Go bowling. This one will cost you a bit, but it’s an often overlooked and generally inexpensive date idea!
#7- Get on Pinterest and find a fun new recipe, then cook it together.
#8- Get a hobby. Find something that’s new for you both, and give it a try. You might love it!
#9- Go to some open houses. Even if you already own a home and aren’t in the market for one, it’s still fun to dream!
#10- Try geocaching. These days, almost everyone has a GPS built into their cell phone, and you just might find a hidden treasure!
#11- Go for ice cream. Yeah, I know, it’s February.
#12- Take a class. Most libraries, grocery stores, etc offer classes that are free, so get out and learn something!
#13- Volunteer. This is not only free, but totally rewarding! Find something that you are both passionate about, and jump right in!
#15- Start a project. Always wanted a flower garden? Bathroom in need of a makeover? Tackle it together!
#16- Create a date night bucket list full of ideas for when you’re stuck! Maybe you’ll want to include a few from this list 🙂
#17- Cheer on your local talent. Go to a local concert, play, or sporting event.
#18- Go to a shooting range and find out who is the best shot!
#19- Go for a drive. Throw in a fun twist like you can only make left turns, or you have to kiss at every stoplight. Get creative!
#20- Go downtown. Most cities have a great downtown core full of Mom and Pop shops, pay them a visit!
#21- Go on a picnic, or go star gazing. It can be at a local park, in the woods, or even in your own backyard.
#22- Rent a bicycle built for two!
#23- Go for a hike. Pack a lunch, throw on some good shoes, and off you go!
#24- Go swimming. At the lake, the beach, or a public pool- throw on your bathing suit and enjoy the water.
#25- Browse a used book store, I guarantee you’ll find a hidden treasure and a few books that make you laugh. There’s one in my town, and it’s one of our favorite places!

I’m always looking for new ideas too, so if you have any I’ve missed- share!