Increase Your Productivity with Time Blocking

I’ve recently started using time blocking in my planning in hopes that it would help my productivity level sky rocket (or at least increase slightly..), and so far, I’m loving it!

time blocking-productivity

No more sitting down at my computer wondering what I need to do next, because I’ve told myself what needs to be done ahead of time.

No more bouncing back and forth between tasks, because they’re all broken down by similarity.

My new day plans look like this (I’m still working on the neatness factor..):

planner time management productivity


First, I sat down ad made a do list of every single thing I need/want to get accomplished in the run of the next day. Then I take my markers and color code (because, well, I like colours) by type of task (social media, emails, finances, advertising, household, children, projects, etc). As you can see, the majority of tasks for this day are finance related, so clearly that’s my “focus”.

Next, I block things that fall into the same time every day into routines. For example, my morning routine includes coffee & journals, showering and getting ready, and then answering all emails and messages.

Then I pencil in any meetings, commitments, or phone calls I need to make at a specific time.

Then, everything from my list all goes into my bullet journal, by hour.

Next, I want to tackle time logging, so I can practice my time blocking more effectively- by knowing exactly how much time each task requires.

Note: Make sure to plan in some family time, personal time, workout time, etc! It’s easy to get carried away by our to do list, but it’s important to keep that down time as well!

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