Increasing Productivity with Daily Focus

Productivity + Batching + Time Blocking + Focus

I’m sure you’ve all heard of batching in terms of blogging, but the same principle can be applied to every aspect of your work (heck, even your house work, your errands, etc).  The day I started batching my work life, was the day I swore I would never go back to any other planning method. Seriously.

In a normal week I have “daily focuses” for:
-Social Media
-Admin Tasks

Broken down further:
-Write blog posts for the upcoming week.
-Blog planner work if necessary.
-Create Social Media images for blog posts.
-Take any necessary photos.
-Edit contributor’s content and schedule for publishing on website.

Social Media
-Plan and schedule Social Media content for the week.
-Set Social Media goals.
-Social Media research (topics, hashtags, influencers, etc)
-Research useful shareable content.

-Fine tune marketing plan for the upcoming week.
-Evaluate which marketing methods are working.
-Work on specific tasks within that weeks marketing plan.

Admin Tasks
-Contacting contributors, marketing outlets, sponsors, venues, vendors, etc that I need to touch base with.
-Creating contracts, etc.
-Newsletter creation and automation.
-Website updates.

-Invoices and receipts.
-File expenses and receipts, send any necessary documents to accountant.
-Write and send cheques.
-Update ledger.

Of course that isn’t an extensive list, and not every item on that list has to be done on a weekly basis. And as always, there are tasks that have to be done daily that don’t fit the focus, and sometimes things come up and change my plan entirely. But I have definitely found that batching my tasks and given myself a “focus” for the day has been incredibly helpful with keeping myself on track!


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