Kid’s August Reading Log

Printable August Reading Log

In my opinion, reading is one of the most important loves we can instill in our children. And some children don’t need much prodding to develop that love, but some do. I have one of each. Most days, I can hardly drag my son away from his books (unless of course it’s to play with his legos). My daughter on the other hand, would rather scrub toilets. Literally.

She also struggles with reading more than my son does, so it is even more vital for her to get in that practice. She’s a very visual person, so I thought she would enjoy a visual way to track her reading.

And guess what? It worked! In the past month I’ve seen my struggling reader plow through 3 chapter books! And on our last trip to the library she chose a Harry Potter novel! Have you seen the size of those books? And she is determined to finish it!

I’m sure there are others out there with the same issue, so I’ve decided to share our visual tracker for August with you!

August Reading Log

August Reading Log

Since my kids are reading chapter books, they color in one star for every 20 minutes spent reading, but for younger kids you could do per story book, per chapter, whatever works for your family!

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