Canada Day Round-Up!


Up here in the Great White North, it’s almost Canada Day! It’s a big day in my house because we’re not only a patriotic bunch, it’s also one of my girl’s birthdays!

Needless to say, I’ve found myself on Pinterest (a lot)- so I put together this list of my 15 favorite recipes, crafts, décor ideas, printables, etc!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

chocolate covered pretzels
Chocolate Covered Pretzels from Little Miss Kate & Co.

fruit kabobs
Canada Day Fruit Kabobs from Frugal Mom Eh?

red velvet
Red Velvet Cookies with Cream Cheese Filling from Your Cup of Cake

cherry cheesecake
No Bake Cherry Cheesecake from Love, Create, Celebrate

poke cake
Great Canadian Poke Cake from Tasty Kitchen

canada day cracker
Canada Day Crackers from We Love Crafty Tracey

cupcake toppers
Canada Day Cupcake Toppers (+lots more printables!) by WC Design Studios

mason jar
Mason Jar Lids, also by We Love Crafty Tracey

mason jar centerpiece
Canada Day Centerpiece, also by Love, Create, Celebrate (Can you tell I have a thing for mason jars?..)

button art
True North Strong & Free Button Art by Frugal Mom Eh

Canada flag pallet
Canada Flat Pallet Sign from The Happy Housie
Canada Day Printable Package by A Little Pixel
canada day printable pkg

Canada Day Mantle Décor from A Little Something in the Meantime
mantle decor

Printable Canada Day Party Pack by Botanical Paperworks
canada party pack

Canada Day Project Life Printable by Just Rhonda
canada day project life

I’m Re-Branding! Should You?

Brunch (1)

Let’s face it- my blog is all over the place. And as far as content is concerned, it’ll probably continue to be a mixture of business-y stuff and mommy stuff, because well ya know, I’m a Mom in Business (duh). But, I feel like things should and could flow better.

So, I’ve made the decision to rebrand both my blog and my businesses. When people look at my blog, I want them to feel like they know me, that they’re getting a glimpse of who I am and what I do. Trust and loyalty are important, and that’s what I intend to build with my brand.

So, I’ve spent a lot of time researching this branding thing (which by the way, I thought I knew..), only to discover that it’s so much more than I originally thought it was! It’s something we throw around a lot in the business world, but not something anyone really, truly, defines often enough.

So, in case you’re in the same spot I am, I’ve put together a list of the top five resources that I’ve come across in my researching- and some of them even have freebies (yeah!).

Why Branding Matters– by Elle & Co is a very in-depth article (with lots of visual examples), on why branding is important for even the smallest businesses.

How to Develop Your Brand– by Gemma Sands is a great article about what branding means and why it is important- she even includes a free workbook!

How To Start Branding Yourself and Your Business– Christine at Better Looking Biz talks about brand/personality words, including step-by-step tips (and a free worksheet!)

http://How To Create a Consistent Brand Experience– by Spruce Rd. A great article of tips, focused on consistency- and a free checklist!

Launching Your New Brand– by Rosanna. In this article she explains what should be done AFTER your brand is created, because really, a great launch is half the battle!

There, the research is done for you, now get to work! I hope you find these links as helpful as I did!

Who is taking this branding/rebranding journey with me? Any experienced branders (um, sure) with tips to share?



This Moment Only Comes Once


This day, every single day, only comes once. Just let that sink in for a minute.

That cute thing your kid did today, that adorable expression, that milestone they hit- you may never see it again, at least not in the same way.

The next time it could be changed, even slightly. Maybe they start calling you Mommy instead of Mama. Maybe that cute mispronounced word is pronounced correctly. Maybe they don’t stumble when they walk anymore. Whatever it is, it really could change overnight.

And trust me, you’ll miss it.

This was an a-ha moment for me just the other day.

Because, well, this happened..


My second youngest daughter graduated Preschool and is gearing up to start Kindergarten in September.

Sitting there during the ceremony I realized, she’s really not a baby anymore. I also realized that as of this time next year, that will be my youngest receiving her Preschool diploma. In a mere 14 months, all four of my children will be in school.

My house will be empty of the pitter patter of little feet for nearly 8 hours almost every day. The complaints I have now- “Can you wait until Mommy is done her coffee?” or “Can I just get a shower in peace?”, I’ll no longer have.

And truthfully, honestly, I’m going to miss it.


Things You Should Do to Grow Your Business Daily!

How to grow your business

Why is it that some people’s businesses seem to take off and grow overnight, and other’s seem to move much slower, or stand still completely? There truly is a method t o the madness. I’ve put together a short list of things that ‘ve found to be super important, vital even, in growing my business- I hope they help you too!

-Be active on Social Media! Post regularly, use a scheduling tool (or at least have a pen and paper schedule), and share other people’s content! (No matter how great you are, people will get bored with it after a while)

-Be responsive! Answer emails, comments, messages, etc promptly and thoughtfully. No, you do not have to be in front of your computer 24/7, but don’t let them sit their for days either. And when you do answer, think it through- people don’t like talking to a robot.

-Talk about it! Many people are afraid to talk about what they do for fear of sounding proud, but you never know who might need what you have to offer.

-Carry business cards- and actually use them.

-Carry a notebook (or a digital notebook if that’s your preference)- use it to brainstorm, write down your thoughts, brain waves, things to do, etc while on the fly.

-Network! Comment on other blogs, social media accounts, guest post where possible, etc.

-Create and keep a running to do list. We can’t add any more hours to the day (yet. I’m sure someone, somewhere, is working on it), so maximize the hours in your day. Use a prioritized to do list to track what needs to be done, and in what order.

-Be consistent. Your followers, customers, clients, whatever the case, expect certain standards from you, and it is important to keep up with that. Practise consistency in everything that you do.

-Use calendars- for events, promos, editing, etc- and line it up with your to do list.

-Host a launch, event, special, or promo- whether in store or online- this is a great way to boost your reach FAST.

Your Kid Is NOT Perfect

Your Child

Okay Moms and Dads, sit down and get ready because I have some serious news that may be shocking to some of you- your child, your pride and joy- is NOT perfect. I repeat, they’re not perfect!

And guess what? Neither are mine!

In fact, they’re all far from perfect. So are you, so am I.

When your child pushes my child on the playground, it is not instantly my child’s fault. And, furthermore, I promise that if my child is being the jerk, I won’t blame your child either. Even when you’re child jumps back up and pushes my little darling back. Chances are, unless things get out of hand, I won’t even intervene. And chances are even better that our children will be the best of friends again in 3.2 seconds flat.

When my child doesn’t pass in an assignment on time, I won’t rush to the school and blame the teacher. Instead, I will sit my child down and have a discussion on responsibility. I am THAT Mom.

When my son forgets his Ninja Turtle lunch bag at school, I won’t call the janitor and beg him or her to let me in to get it. Instead, my child will take a brown paper bag tomorrow, and the next day, until he finally remembers to bring his lunch bag home.

When my daughter is grounded from her xbox because she grabbed the controller and smacked her younger sister, I won’t cave just because of a forced apology and an adorable set of puppy dog eyes. Instead, she will watch her younger siblings play for a few days while being reminded of why she cannot.

On the other hand, when my child finally loses their cool and, after many weeks of asking them to stop, finally retaliates against the bully that has so kindly chosen her as their target- I will not punish her. The school may, but I will not.

I see so many parents coddling to their little prince or princess, and I cringe each and every time. I’m not one to judge another parent, and I’m not, but I worry for the child.

For the child whose parent is at the school daily because their child received a low mark, or was rightfully punished. What a laugh their university professor will have years down the road.

For the child who cannot wash their own work uniform, because hey, Mom always did he laundry and never taught me how.

For the child who is in mountains of debt because they never knew money wasn’t endless, afterall, they got everything they wanted as a child.

For the child who is crushed when they face their first rejection, because in school “fair play” meant everyone made the team!

We are so sensitive, too sensitive, around and towards our children- and the only people who will suffer for it in the end are our children.